Tiramisu Cake recipe


Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
Total time
15 minutes


Tiramisu Cake recipe


250 g
ladyfingers (corpus )
100 g
ladyfingers (corpus)
200 ml
coffee (corpus)
1 T
almond aroma (corpus)
400 g
cream cheese spread (stuffing)
3 T
sugar powdered (stuffing)
350 ml
whipping cream (stuffing)
Vanilla sugar (stuffing)
100 ml
hot water (stuffing)
20 g
gelatin powder (stuffing)
250 ml
whipping cream (decoration)
Vanilla sugar (decoration)
3 T
cocoa powder (decoration)


A cake form /diameter of 20-22 cm/ lined with foil.
Cold brewed coffee and almonds and mix until the mixture soak round biscuits which we put on the bottom of the form. Whisk to Creamy spread with powdered sugar froth and add beaten the cream with vanilla sugar. All mixed together and add the gelatin dissolved in water. With a hand mixer, mix everything thoroughly.
Cake form unload the sides with long biscuits and half the cream mixture and pour the bottom. A few long pieces of biscuits soaked in coffee and lay out the cream. Pour the rest of the cream and refrigerate to solidify.
The finished cake carefully removed from the mold and removing the foil Sprinkle top of cake with cocoa. We whisk whipped cream with vanilla sugar and garnish cake. Let it stand in the refrigerator.